Who Are We

One of the quickest developing Recruitment Consultancies in Kolkata, India with an unparalleled capability to deliver tailor-made & cost-effective recruitment services.

Our Mission

To locate and empower talents who have a major positive impact on our clients, accomplices and the networks we work in.

What We Do

RSV Pioneer Placement carefully studies and investigates staffing necessities and helps build a strong & flexible workforce for companies across different IT and non-IT industries.

Our history

RSV Pioneer Placement is a leading Kolkata-based organization offering professional IT and non-IT recruitment services. Throughout the years since the inception of the agency, we have managed to fabricate a solid industry reputation by serving as a reliable and efficient staffing agency to multiple leading companies and large corporations. This joined with our skills as an experienced consultant specifically for regional firms defines our unmatched capabilities to help shape the future of both companies and job seekers. Our underlying foundations in HR management, recruitment and staffing empower us to implement a personalized approach for locating suitably talented individuals in response to all kinds of job vacancies.


Our story is one of advancement. Our all-inclusive brand ecosystem is an important differentiator in the present changing universe of work. Through a personalized and calculated procedure, we consolidate the individual qualities, expertise, and administrations of our driving system of brands in a single place, with the workforce needs of customers and applicants in the middle. Our associated approach gives you the comfort, straightforwardness, and productivity of working with one trusted recruitment service provider all throughout your economic cycles.


Currently, RSV Pioneer Placement follows a meticulously drafted rundown of important objectives, to make the experience of working with us a seamless and hassle-free one for you. They include –

Our D process4

Let us assist you with discovering the aptest individuals for filling permanent as well as temporary job roles in your company. And if you’re a jobseeker on the hunt for a better opportunity, or simply feeling less connected with your current job than you’d prefer to be, allow us to help you in finding a place where you’d fit right in!



To comprehend, investigate, assess and find out the staffing requirements of your organization.



To characterize and set up suitable variables/benchmarks for talent procurement



 To conduct interviews and shortlist optimal and interested candidates and recommend them to you accordingly



To ensure a satisfactory experience in accordance with parameters that are mutually agreed upon, for maximizing the best usage of your investment – time, effort and money


Why choose us?

We are adept at locating the right people for the right business. We find employment for individuals, and also offer the experience and the chance to fuel their career growth. Simply put, what we do isn’t an occupation, it’s an obsession.

We own our outcomes and stay true to you about them. We follow up on opportunities, catch on quickly from progress and failure, and motivate others as well as consistently look for advanced & innovative solutions.

We share customers and partners across different business units, alongside best practices & ideas. We help our associates to develop professionally as well as personally.

We establish enduring partnerships with our customers and give them the best candidates on schedule as well as customized arrangements. Additionally, we construct profound associations with our applicants and partners; so they have what they require to effectively develop their skills.

We comprehend the significance of employee satisfaction for an agency. More significant levels of worker commitment lead to more noteworthy efficiency. As such, we help procure workers who make genuine, unmistakable commitments to an organization.

Want us to help you find the most premium talent in the industry for your future staffing requirements?

Give us a call to discuss your company strategies and job roles, and get a no-obligation free estimate for the same!