Terms & Conditions



These standard terms and conditions dictate the rules of association with our company. Please go through them carefully prior to seeking any of our services:


  1. RSV Pioneer Placement won’t be considered liable for any sort of indiscipline, trouble making of any individual inside the premises of an association. It is solely the responsibility of the candidate to the decorum. 
  2. Our organization isn’t answerable for the quality and tenure of the job provided to a candidate or the salary package offered by a company. 
  3. We will not assume any liability with respect to the selection and employment of any candidate. 
  4. Our agency does not charge any fees from candidates to enable them to apply for the jobs posted by employers.
  5. Our consultancy will carefully scrutinize all necessary information of an employer, however, we will not assume the liability of any setback or bad conduct of the organization thereafter. 
  6. The responsibility of RSV Pioneer Placement will be solely to give important and suitable information pertaining to your job search so that you can apply for the profession of your choice.
  7. Our organization won’t assume liability if any selected candidate neglects to show up for the meeting of a specific organization. 
  8. Our consultancy isn’t qualified to give out any data or any sort of help with respect to government services/jobs.
  9. It is entirely your decision whether you wish to sign up with our firm or not.
  10. Our organization reserves the legal right as well as the authority to penalize any individual for violation of the fundamental principles and regardless deny paying the amount that he/she is bound to.
  11. RSV Pioneer Placement is entitled to take strict action against any sort of provocation or illicit defamation aimed towards the integrity of the company.